Tess Steps In To Put A Halt To Dodgy Dave Kissing Even More Bums.

As well as trying to pay his advisors thousands in extra payments on leaving, Dodgy-Dave also wants to give trinkets to all his cronies. Truth be told he is probably gutted he can’t award himself one!

Dodgy has lined up a series of Tory party donors, like the £1m donor Ian Taylor and Andrew Cook who lent him his private jet on top of £250,000, along with political aides. He has even put forward awards for more than 20 Downing Street advisers and staff and knighthoods for the pro-EU cabinet ministers Philip Hammond, Michael Fallon, Patrick McLoughlin and David Lidington. Giddy Osborne, his closest political friend, who lost his job as chancellor after helping run the unsuccessful remain campaign, was put forward to become a companion of honour.

As if all this did just take the piss he has also proposed an OBE for Isabel Spearman or is that Rosie Lyburn*. We have encountered her before at TheField LINK but for those who may not be aware, she was ‘employed’ at a cost of around £53,000 to dress Sam Cam in the morning. She also managed to turn the pages of the family diary as well – tricky stuff.

Put this alongside the ridiculous knighthood he awarded to his guiding light, Lynton Crosby, and it is pretty obvious the whole system needs tearing down and probably scrapped.

dodgy ale

“Yeah? So What Are You Going To Do About It?”

  • Yes, we are a little confused as there do appear to have been two of them. Isabel Spearman seems to be the one of late LINK, but before that there was Rosie Lyburn LINK. All very confusing.
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