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Well We All Knew It But Here’s The Video To Prove CBB Is A Set-Up

Most of us gave up watching this tosh several series ago believing it was all a con. There was never any real proof but the way the newspapers and a ‘live’ TV show seemed to work together was always very … Continue reading

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One Dangerous Individual – We Hope The Police Make An Arrest Soon

No doubt that because it involved Jeremy Vine this has attracted attention. We know from people who cycle regularly that incidents such as tailgating are not uncommon. What happens here goes way beyond that and needs to be dealt with … Continue reading

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Dr Dan, The 100 Hour Man, Claims We Need An NHS Tax

Dr Dan reckons we need yet another tax in order to fund the NHS the nation needs. LINK He told a Sunday newspaper, “On the hospital wards I often see people who are medically fit to go home, but who … Continue reading

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Potato Head Tells Merry Barry To Do, “The Great British Back Off!”

Masterchef judge Mr Potato Head has accused Merry Barry of being anti-British. She has suggested that no home should own or use a deep-fat fryer. The Potato pointed out that the nation was “built on chips and spam fritters”, and … Continue reading

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Premier League Results So Far

Last gasp for José but it was a win and Chelsea keep winning as well.

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“Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be? A Poor Norwegian Is Stuck Down The Lavatory!”

Ever dropped your phone? Ever dropped it into water? Dropped it down a toilet? When the friend of Cato Berntsen Larsen dropped his while taking a whizz he jumped in, feet first, to rescue it. It had dropped into a … Continue reading

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So Why Has The GCSE ‘Good’ Pass Rate Gone Down?

Pretty much due entirely to the government with Gove and Morgan. These two Public School knobbers, both sacked now by Tess May, loved to talk about ‘extending every child’. This was all complete bollox of course. All they wanted to … Continue reading

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