How Come Doing 154mph Doesn’t Get Him Banned For Life?

A 21 year-old driver was caught speeding at 154mph and got banned ……. for 56 days. It could only happen in somewhere like Suffolk.

The 21 year-old drove down the A11, yes, not even a motorway, the simple A11 at a speed that is more than double the motorway speed and all he got was a ban of 56 days and costs of £365. They certainly threw the book at him at Bury St Edmunds Magistrates’ Court.

In the understatement of the year the Suffolk police said it was “disappointing”.

A spokesman for Brake said: “Drivers who recklessly speed put not only their own lives, but those of other road users, at severe risk.

“Breaking the speed limit by such a shocking amount shows an appalling disregard for the safety of innocent road users.

“We are disappointed to see such a lenient sentence in this case – drivers who selfishly flout the law need to be punished accordingly.”

It’s not even as if he had a high-performance car to carry out this ridiculous stunt in. A Seat Leon Cupra – well that would have been maintained to within an inch of its existence!!


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