Abuse Inquiry Gets Kicked Into Touch As Lowell Goddard Does A Runner

Here at TheField we had our doubts about this inquiry which, to us, seemed to be a sham to diffuse public opinion – the classic reason a politician calls for an inquiry. Link to our previous article.

Lowell Goddard has resigned as the head of the long awaited independent inquiry into child sexual abuse.

The high court judge from New Zealand – selected after two previous chairwomen threw the towel in – said the probe had already made “very real gains for victims”. Remember that this investigation was finally set up in March 2015, having been promised by May back in July 2014, to examine claims made against public and private institutions.

The new Home Secretary Amber Rude said a new chairperson would be appointed and work would continue “without delay” – whatever that means in the terms of a new government who have all gone off on holiday.

The reasons for Lowell Goddard’s resignation are unclear but the move has been described as a “crisis” for the inquiry. The fly in the ointment is that it comes on the same day The Times reported she had spent more than 70 days working abroad or on holiday during her short time in charge.

An inquiry spokesman told the newspaper Lowell Goddard had spent 44 working days in New Zealand and Australia on inquiry business in the first financial year of the inquiry although she is entitled to only 30 days’ annual leave on her contract.

What an utter shambles.

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