Fears That Zika May Have Struck The Olympic Athletes

Viewers have been very concerned about the number of Olympic participants who seem to be suffering from some form of a red rash that has appeared as circles all over their bodies. They seem to change colour and move around the body – but there is nothing to worry about.

It is all part of the practice known as ‘cupping’. This is a very ancient method of easing aches and pains and is used as part of their recovery regime. It’s similar to the idea of acupuncture but this is done with small glass cups. A flammable liquid is set alight and as the flame goes out a suction cup effect is created which ‘sticks’ the cup to the body.

The suction pulls the skin away from the body and promotes blood flow – this leaves the red spots that viewers have seen. They typically last for three or four days before simply fading away.

No need to worry about the swimming pool being infected – for once a treatment is perfectly safe if applied correctly.

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