The Dodgy Deal That Dave Has Left To The Nation

Since 2010 Dodgy Dave has appointed a grand total of 189 life peers. They have cost the taxpayer, that’s most of us, on average a whopping £27,000 a year to run up a total cost of £13 million. They can all stay for as long as they like and they pick up £300 a day, tax free, for doing whatever it is they find to do each day.

The latest crop he’s put forward are calculated to run to almost half a million a year! Remember that as they are life peers old Dodgy has stitched us up with these costs for just about as long as they live (remember Janner was paid up until the end).

Thanks to a freedom of information request we know that in just the first two months of 2016 the Dodgy Babes claimed a staggering £804,424. The year before this had ‘only’ been £717,163.

If anybody is in any doubt that a} Dodgy is a right dodgy git, or b} the Lords needs reform they probably didn’t listen to the question.

unelected peers

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