Sainsbury’s Would Rather Pour It Away Than Let A Customer Have It As A Gift

You’ve done your shopping and it’s on the moving belt. The operator is scanning each item but suddenly there is a problem. NO BAR CODE!!!! Alert! Alert! No Bar Code! Alert!

Now the item is a carton of milk that costs £1. We know it costs a pound, the operator knows it costs a pound, in fact, just about everybody in the shop knows it costs a pound. That doesn’t help because there is NO BAR CODE!!!!

Now had we gone up to one of those hideous ‘self-serve’ tills we could just press a button with a picture of the milk on and all would be well. This isn’t a ‘self-serve’ till and this blindingly obvious information is denied us. So we wait for a supervisor who gets a replacement carton of milk.

The operator then says, with our complete approval, “I’ll scan that new one in and you can take that one you’ve got.” How incredibly sensible – the logical solution to this awkward problem of stock and stock control.

Oh no! The one without a label MUST BE DESTROYED! Without a label it could be adulterated with all manner of chemicals and the product might even be – dan-da-da-daaaa – OUT OF DATE!!!

In our naivety we explain that there is no problem and that we are happy to take the milk. “I can’t sell it without a label” is the response from the supervisor. So it turns out that rather than sell it to a very willing customer this carton of milk, that we all knew cost £1 right at the start, is destined to be poured away and wasted.

Not even a suggestion that, as we had been inconvenienced now for over 5 minutes, we could have the milk for free on the understanding that its quality cannot be vouched for. Oh no – the full, disgraceful and wasteful policy of Sainsbury’s is paraded for all of us to see. IT MUST BE DESTROYED!

Now we know already some little bottom-kisser is going to say, “The rules are there to protect you” but we can assure you from here at the office of TheField – we have all been around long enough to know when drinking some milk it is a risk and when it isn’t. The smell and the taste really are one hell of a clue!

Felt like going back over to the milk aisle and pulling off every single one of the stupid bloody labels!


UPDATE: We are a little confused how this “no barcode so destroy it” policy fits in with their ‘Food Rescue’ promotional website. Something doesn’t quite fit right. LINK

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