Having Pots Of Money Is No Clue To Pure Class – Compare Osborne & Corbyn

Remember when Giddy Osborne got caught travelling on a train in the First Class section when he only carried a ticket that allowed him to travel with the rest of us plebs? He obviously thought he was so important that he ought to be allowed to do just whatever he liked.

Being the gutless, spineless git that Giddy is when approached about it on arrival he sent out one of his servants aides.  “The chancellor got a different train than planned due to diary change following a series of meetings in his constituency.

“As he had no seat reservation on the new train which was crowded, he decided to upgrade – and obviously intended and was happy to pay.

“An{nother} aide sought out the train manager and paid the ticket upgrade,” the spokesman added.

Sounds a lot like Giddy didn’t put his own hand in his pocket but we wonder if he managed to somehow claim for the extra payment?

Osborne Train Ticket Rail

Compare that to what Jeremy Corbyn did when he found the train he was on was crowded. He joined 20 other passengers who were forced to sit on the train floor for the 3 hour journey from London to Newcastle. LINK

Thank goodness we’ve seen the back of that dreadful, totally lacking in class Osborne.

trains 1

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