“Inbreeding” Hoare Hangs On For Nearly Three Weeks But Finally Calls It A Day

David Hoare was brought to you nearly three weeks ago, LINK, when he referred to “inbreeding” on the Isle of Wight. He also referred to it as a bit of a “ghetto”.

He was caught on tape while at a teaching conference and was quick to apologise but the damage had been done. Hardly surprising given what he said.

“Most people go there for sailing for two weeks a year. There’s a sailing club that is one of the best in the world, where there’s champagne,” he said in the recording, which was obtained by the Times Education Supplement.

“But just within inches, there are people who live in a ghetto … They think of it as holiday land. But it is shocking. It’s a ghetto; there has been inbreeding.”

Hard to believe it took him nearly three weeks to admit the blindingly obvious and resign.


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