So Why Has The GCSE ‘Good’ Pass Rate Gone Down?

Pretty much due entirely to the government with Gove and Morgan. These two Public School knobbers, both sacked now by Tess May, loved to talk about ‘extending every child’. This was all complete bollox of course. All they wanted to do was to get students through the exams of the very limited subjects they thought were important.

If a student didn’t pass their Maths exam they could, you’ve guessed it, take it again! So having failed they get the chance to fail again. What a brilliant motivational scheme. Just to really rub it in Gove added the prospect of re-taking their English as well if they ‘failed’ that the first time!

Probably something to do with the fact that Gollum Gove has failed so often himself.

It seems of those who have re-taken their Maths and English exam the pass mark for them is 35%. So all of those who didn’t achieve the grade that the government have declared is acceptable can now take it for a third time!! Bet that will really put the pass mark up!


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