“Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be? A Poor Norwegian Is Stuck Down The Lavatory!”

Ever dropped your phone? Ever dropped it into water? Dropped it down a toilet? When the friend of Cato Berntsen Larsen dropped his while taking a whizz he jumped in, feet first, to rescue it.

It had dropped into a tank that is emptied once a season which caused the heroic 20-year-old to vomit as he stood in the thigh-deep deposits. Not nice and poor Cato had other problems.

“It was disgusting down there – the worst I have experienced. There were animals down there too.”

toilet bowl 1

When he is really having fun he is an amateur diver but fortunately he didn’t enter the tank head-first! It does seem it was a bit of a lobster trap though as he was able to get down but couldn’t get back up.

The firefighters who turned up didn’t mess about and simply smashed the bowl to get him out. He was taken to hospital to have a check-up, have some small bites looked at and given antibiotics.

The phone was never recovered. LINK

toilet bowl 2

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