Potato Head Tells Merry Barry To Do, “The Great British Back Off!”

Masterchef judge Mr Potato Head has accused Merry Barry of being anti-British. She has suggested that no home should own or use a deep-fat fryer. The Potato pointed out that the nation was “built on chips and spam fritters”, and called Barry’s comments an “attack on our British way of life”.

He likened it to evenings when chips with salt and vinegar were the highlight in the same way that a hot wok makes a meal in China and a hot stone cooks a pizza in Italy.

Merry Barry was on the offensive though and even attacked homes where there were “sugared drinks”. Next she’ll be telling us how to eat a Jaffa Cake!

The big question is, if you give up deep fried chips will you end up with a face like Merry Barry? Now there’s one to think about.

Update: Silly old Merry Barry is talking about a chip-pan! Who uses a chip-pan these days? Good grief; just how old is she?!?!?! LINK


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