Dr Dan, The 100 Hour Man, Claims We Need An NHS Tax

Dr Dan reckons we need yet another tax in order to fund the NHS the nation needs. LINK

He told a Sunday newspaper, “On the hospital wards I often see people who are medically fit to go home, but who are forced to stay in hospital because of difficulties arranging their social care package, or because of a lack of appropriate housing…

“A long-term plan to ensure a properly funded and sustainable health and social care system is urgently required.”

It sounds a very simple solution but, don’t forget, he is a Tory politician. Nowhere in his interview is there any suggestion that the government need to question where the money they currently get is going! This simply doesn’t occur to him. The idea that some of the choices that Dodgy-Dave and now Tess have chosen to adopt might be socially questionable is far from his thinking.

All Poulter can think of is just keep wasting what we are already on flights of fancy and now we’ll tax people even more to paper over the cracks. We really are in the shite!

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