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Tory Toad, Philip Davies, Claims He’d Vote For Donny Dump “In A Heartbeat”

Publicity desperate Philip The Toad Davies realised he has not been in the media for a day or two. Sitting there in Toad Hall he reckoned on aligning himself with Donny Dump would be the quickest way of getting attention. … Continue reading

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Tess Gives Dodgy And Giddy A Right Good Kick In The Meat & Two Veg

With Dodgy-Dave running away with his tail between his legs he was hoping to keep in touch through his best chum. Tess soon put an end to that idea as Giddy Osborne was promptly sacked the first chance she had! … Continue reading

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Let’s See How Willing The BBC Are To Provide The Names Of Their Over-Paid Performers

The BBC love to tell the public how much a Doctor earns, how much a nurse, a teacher and even a politician earn. They fall over themselves to tell us how much a Premier League footballer earns but they have … Continue reading

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Sam Allardyce Shown The Door

Allardyce was appointed 22nd July amid a blaze of patriotic fever. He proudly announced to a group of England fans hungry for success, “It’s Time To Deliver!” The 61-year-old signed an initial two-year contract with a view to potentially extending … Continue reading

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The First Debate To Save The World

Here at TheField Towers we are staggered. Staggered that in a country that recognises it has some 250,000,000 inhabitants it comes down to this. With that vast number to choose from the final two in the race are Hillary Clinton … Continue reading

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The Premier League Table

West Ham might have a nice new stadium but the fans were leaving with 15 minutes to go and they have forgotten how to win {or shoot on goal!}

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Premier Football Results

Some right-old uppers and downers this week? Liverpool march on, Arsenal see their London rivals off and Manchester United remind themselves how to win against the Premier Champions.

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