Do Remember That There Is More To The NHS Than Just Hospitals

The Hunt attacks the NHS on every side. While he hopes the pleb attention is on Junior Doctors he hopes that cuts to the district nursing service in England get ignored. The King’s Fund have reported that the service is “at breaking point” and that the workload has become unmanageable to the point that patients are at risk. These patients will be at risk for a great deal long than just 5 days.

Cuts have meant that the staff that are left have felt “broken and exhausted” due the pressures placed on them in this reduced service.

The role of a district nurse is one that an aging population comes to rely on in increasing numbers. They care for the elderly along with those who have disabilities and/or long-term illnesses. Their key function means that many of these patients can receive support in the home and not require a hospital bed.

The pressures applied by the cuts to this vital service has resulted in NHS bosses finding it increasingly difficult to attract staff. The result of all this means that the system is being “propped up” by agency staff along with the additional costs that involves.

Kathryn Yates, of the Royal College of Nursing, said the findings were “very worrying”.

“To let the decline continue would be to knowingly deprive patients of care which makes a proven difference,” she said.

One of those little cuts that The Hunt will never mention in one of his over-rehearsed and rigidly scripted recorded TV appearances.

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