Why Is This ALWAYS Funny Until It’s You?

Ben Stokes takes on the bowling of Umar Gul and loses – big time. When this happens to a team-mate it is always hilarious as Joe Root proves here! When it happens to you it is a very different matter.

joe root

First you need to do a quick count-up. At this stage fear prevents you from daring to take a look. A quick fumble to check the three are all there and then a moment to work-out exactly which parts have been hit and throbbing the most.

ben stokes

Someone from the opposition usually asks something really useful at this stage like, “are you alright?”  What the #### do YOU think? Although you only ever think this and never say it. Then you will hear your teammates just pissing themselves laughing.

The only thing that works to make you feel a little better is you can bet someone will say, “Doctor, take away the pain but leave the swelling”.


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