Department Of Education Let The Cat Out Of The Bag On Grammar Schools

A snapped document raises doubts about whether plans for more selective school places would pass through the House of Lords. There seems to be a passing concern for those who don’t get in this ‘wonderful new vision’ but it appears to be more of a presentational concern than an educational one.


3. The con doc says we will open new grammars, albeit that they would have to follow various conditions. The SoS’s clear position is that this should be presented in the con doc as an option, and only to be pursued once we have worked with existing grammars to show how they can be expanded and reformed in ways which avoid disadvantaging those who don’t get in. I simply don’t know what the PM thinks of this, but it sounds reasonable to me, and I simply can’t see any way of persuading the Lords to vote for selection on any other basis.

Jonathan Slater

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