New Grammar School Plans ‘Not A Return To The Past’ – This We’ve Got To See

Greening imagines that she is going to be able to offer Tory-Voting parentschoice” but isn’t going to split children into “winners and losers”. For her next trick she is going to walk on water.

As with everything Tess has taken over, despite being a member of the cabinet for the last 6 years, she doesn’t have a bloody clue what to do. Greening was forced to concede that the plans for the education of the children of this country would be set out “in due course”. Just about ideal for all those children who started their education at a school this September.

The best Greening could come up was, “There will be no return to the simplistic binary choice of the past where schools split children into winners and losers, successes and failures”.

Unfortunately she then let another cat out of the bag by pointing out that selection can “play a role”.

Do any of them know their arse from their elbow?

Let’s See How She Squares This Circle!


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