Is Nigel Lining Up A Chat Show – The Saturday Night Fromage Board?

Seems the Russian TV station, RT, are looking to sign-up Nigel as their latest chat show host. Given his new friendship with Donny Dump they are looking to have him up and running in time for the White House election.

Fromage has appeared on RT many times but this seems to be a rather more permanent role than he has had in the past. Well, let’s be honest, he does bugger-all these days by way of being paid as an MEP. That dreadful institution, or so he has claimed, that he has been more than happy to take the dosh from over the years.

To further enhance their profile RT are also looking to recruit Russel Brand and, of all dreadful individuals on the planet, Katie – shit for brains – Hopkins. We’ll be giving that a wide berth!


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