HS2 Boss Escapes The Sinking Ship Before The Bilge Reaches Head High!

Well this looks a good one! Simon Kirby has deserted his post at the HS2 and scurried over to Rolls-Royce. He has done it amid accusations that he has done a ‘runner’ before the ‘true scale of the mess he has presided over’ at HS2 has come to light. .

In just a couple of weeks that clown, Chris Grayling, is going to come out with some old tosh about a Phase Two: the route from Birmingham to Leeds and Manchester. We can only speculate what Rolls-Royce can be paying him because while working on HS2 he was pulling in £750,000 a year. For what?

Bum-kissers close to Kirby have been keen to tell everyone what a great job he’s been doing. Trying to line themselves for a rip-off number with the new boss, obviously. Others have a different view and Kirby’s departure has been heavily criticised by campaigners opposed to the high-speed rail link, who claim he has made little progress since his appointment in 2014.

Stop HS2 has said: “With HS2 deadlines constantly put back, spiralling costs, secret reports and devastating analyses of the project from every independent body which has investigated it, you can’t help think he is doing the same thing again, getting out before the true scale of the mess he has presided over is realised.

“The departure of Simon Kirby will be a serious blow to those who champion HS2, though many of us are at a complete loss to see just exactly what it is he has done to justify his three-quarter of a million pay packet.”

Remember all this when Tess tries to make out that we can’t afford to provide medical care for the people of this country. You’re right, she talks utter bollox.


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