Proposed Boundary Changes: Of COURSE They Are An ‘Independent’ Panel

Yeah, right! Because just about anybody in the country could have been on the ‘independent’ panel. What utter tosh!

So a few seats and their MP from the various parties will disappear under this scheme if adopted. There is one thing that really hits you between the eyes however.

Just over 5 million voted for just two parties. They voted for UKip and they voted for The Greens. Those 5 million votes were only allocated 2 seats – 1 each.

Now here’s the funny thing. Under these proposals BOTH seats will be wiped off the election map. That’s the result of an independent panel? Leave it out.

The whole thing looks a right stitch-up.

It also can’t escape everyone that the level of representation is not addressed by this smoke & mirrors exercise. Fair to say, Tess has been watching the Master for the last 6 years.


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