It’s Your Fault Dodgy-Dave, YOUR Fault

Now here’s a funny thing. We predicted this would happen two days ago:

“Seems pretty obvious that Dodgy has been given some heads-up on some real cak that is about to hit the fan. “ LINK

So it came as no surprise that the Foreign Affairs Committee has stated that Dodgy-Dave was responsible for failures that helped to create the failed state of Libya now on the verge of civil war.

In a damning condemnation of the piss-poor performance of the superfluous ex-PM they pointed out that, for a start, he stuck his nose in with no proper intelligence. To make matters worse he allowed the situation to drift into the unstated original aim of ‘regime change’.

Dodgy could have met the Committee to explain what he was thinking at the time, if anything, but the spineless git refused to show his face. Sound familiar?

In a classic Dodgy-Dave ‘Don’t Blame Me Response’ he has tried to suggest that the fault lies with the Libyans who failed to take-up the opportunity he had offered them. He really is priceless!

So for those who were wondering why the Dodgy git suddenly threw the towel in and made a run for the hills then look no further. What’s the betting that he’ll become ‘unavailable for comment’ over the next couple of weeks?


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