Tess ‘Ponders’ For 7 Weeks And Then Changes Nothing

So Tess falls in with the nuclear option. They have claimed to have ‘renegotiated’ the deal but all that seems to have involved is changing the order of the words.

The key thing for consumers {that’s ‘consumers’ and NOT ‘conshumers’} is the cost of the energy. The amazing deal that Tess has agreed to is to pay £92.50 for each MWh of electricity {in 2012 money} which is over DOUBLE the current market price of power. This will add £12 to every household bill.

It’s going to be 10 years before we actually see any power come out of this plant and we’ve been stitched up with a contract for 35 years!

You’ll hear a lot of cak about it ‘creating 25,000 job’ but of course this isn’t a further 25,000 being employed. The vast majority of these ALREADY have a job and are simply changing their jobs.

The project is laughingly claimed to cost £18bn. As if!! As previous estimates by the current batch of chancers proves this is likely to end up costing at least £36bn and probably nearer £48bn.

All that to power just 5.8 million homes.

You don’t think that somebody might just be having their back pocket filled with a very large wedge? Of course not!


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