As Tess Continues The Cull Dear Giddy Has A Quick Swipe While The Media Are Still Just About Interested

Well it started when Giddy was sacked the first day even before the sun had set. Then Flaccid Hammond-Organ abandoned all his austerity measures. Having cleared out everyone from the Cabinet that Giddy was part of Tess has now started to totally restructure our education system with the introduction of new grammar schools.

Poor Giddy is remembered for very little that was of any use but he did hope all that cobblers about a ‘Northern Powerhouse’ might at least have some longevity. Not by the look of it so he has come out of hiding to try and promote it again.

themTo be fair to him on schools he has asked the question we always ask at TheField and never get an answer to. “What do you do with all the pupils who fail the entrance exam and where do you send that lot off to?” Odd how no politician wants to talk about them, only the 20% who are allowed to pass.

He was asked about his views on Tess along with the other candidates who went for the party leadership. In a classic piece of damning by very, very faint praise he said of Tess, she was “the best person of the candidates who put themselves forward”. Well that’s a chairman’s support for his manager if we’ve ever heard one!


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