A Lesson For All Those Involved In The Food Chain

You may remember we had a rant about Sainsbury’s a couple of weeks ago. Link. They are not alone of course. Some people are working to reduce waste and, in particular, the disgraceful waste of perfectly edible food. It was heartening to come across Adam Smith in a report in The Independent and here are a few key facts from the piece. For the full report and video we would encourage you to follow The Link.

Adam Smith turns out restaurant-quality meals from food described as waste. He has spent ten years as a chef but such professional skills are not necessary. He set up The Real Junk Food Project and it has been running now for nearly three years.

The supplies come from food considered to be past its expiration date along with claiming items from supermarket skips.

Adam sums it up perfectly, “I see ‘kids’ coming into my cafe that can’t afford fruit and vegetables and yet we’re allowed to throw away tonnes of edible food every week. It makes me really, really angry.”


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