Offshore Companies, A Home Secretary And Some Leaked Documents

Documents have been leaked to the press that show that Amber Rude used to be a director of an offshore company. In fact, not only do they show she was a director of Advanced Asset Allocation Fund but ALSO of Advanced Asset Allocation Management from 1998 until 2000.

Obviously there is no suggestion of any sort that Rude used these two Bahamian firms to avoid paying tax – it couldn’t have hurt the chances of doing so if anybody wanted to though.

What doesn’t help is that the Bahamas is not very good on the subject of transparency. In fact it was only last year that the European Union said that it was among the 30 most unco-operative tax havens when it came to the disclosure of information.

This background might go some way to explaining why Rude was so vociferous in defending DodgyDave when his father’s dealing in an offshore fund, also in the Bahamas, came to light. Seems Rude forgot to mention her own experience of offshore investment funds, but stressed that “international transparency on tax matters is essential.”

It really is a very, very funny old world! Further reading – LINK


                              There is no suggestion here that Rude is                             helping the police with their inquiries

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