Looks Like, Yet Again, The Hunt Struggles With The Truth

We all know by now that Jerry Dimwit really does think 5 = 7. We also know he is so ‘full of it’ that he continues with this myth. It has now emerged that his pledge to increase mental health funding appears to have been broken. Seems 57% of the clinical groups involved in mental health are planning to reduce the amount of their budget that they currently spend.

This flies in the face of the claim made by The Hunt that these clinical groups “are committed to increasing the proportion of their funding that goes into mental health”.

Campaigners for Mental Health, said: “The Government must urgently step in and prevent a dangerous situation developing. Time and time again Ministers have promised that mental health spending would increase. Yet for the third year in a row this has not happened, with a majority of local areas planning to spend less of their budget on mental health.”

Vicki Nash, Head of Policy and Campaigns at mental health charity Mind, said: “It’s shameful that so many Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are reducing their mental health spending year after year.”

Yet again we have evidence that the tory tosh claiming “the NHS is safe in our hands” is just as full of cak as it has always been.


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