Tess Gives Dodgy And Giddy A Right Good Kick In The Meat & Two Veg

With Dodgy-Dave running away with his tail between his legs he was hoping to keep in touch through his best chum. Tess soon put an end to that idea as Giddy Osborne was promptly sacked the first chance she had!

Tess then set about distancing herself from the Cameron Cronies by totally revising the plans concerning austerity and kicking the much announced Northern Powerhouse into the long grass.

Now she has set Limp-Dick Hammond with the task of dismantling what the Dodgy Team thought of as their highest achievement – The Help To Buy Scheme.

It probably didn’t help that very quickly it became known as The Help To Buy To Let Scheme as people managed to find ways of using the scheme to buy a second home. Just ask Peter Bone MP what he was up to. LINK All perfectly innocent – obviously!

Some parts of the Help to Buy scheme – the equity loan scheme and the ISA bank account – will continue to operate. However the guaranteed mortgage of the scheme will not be extended after this year.

To be fair the scheme was always considered controversial by property experts because of fears it could contribute to an unsustainable housing bubble by boosting demand for homes without raising supply. An idea that was way-over the head of poor Giddy!

We can’t imagine that the as yet unwritten new book by Dodgy-Dave has a space reserved on the Tess bookshelf – give it a week and just pick it up in the Book Bin at any supermarket.


Those Were The Days – Hey Dodgy??

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