Tory Toad, Philip Davies, Claims He’d Vote For Donny Dump “In A Heartbeat”

Publicity desperate Philip The Toad Davies realised he has not been in the media for a day or two. Sitting there in Toad Hall he reckoned on aligning himself with Donny Dump would be the quickest way of getting attention.

What The Toad forgets is that it just reminds us of all the Toad-Like qualities he has. Where shall we start?

Well he loves to talk out of his toad-like arse for hours on end. He thinks it makes him look good but it just confirms what an utter toad he is. His most revolting exercise of this particularly odious desire is when he talked for over 90 late at night in the Commons. He did it so as registered carers would be denied free parking when they took the person they care for to the hospital. A true toad.

He does, as is easy to imagine for such a toad, actually enjoy being the toad. He said once, “It takes real guts to say unpopular and controversial things – and sometimes they really need to be said!” No doubt he would approve of us saying what really needs to be said and confirming that he is a right toad.

Seems the Toad was turned-on to Donny Dump because Hilary Clinton kept “going on about the fact that she is a woman”. Worth remembering that the Toad once said that “more women should be sent to prison”. Nice bloke.

So, unless you have a wart or two on your hands, we can see very little point in taking any notice of the Toadever.


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