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Looks Like, Yet Again, The Hunt Struggles With The Truth

We all know by now that Jerry Dimwit really does think 5 = 7. We also know he is so ‘full of it’ that he continues with this myth. It has now emerged that his pledge to increase mental health … Continue reading

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Channel 4 Buy A Ferrari Only To Find It’s Missing 3 Of It’s Wheels

You have to laugh. We would love to know who the negotiating team over at C4 are. Bet they are all looking for a job tonight! You buy a multi-million pound brand name and yet don’t think to link the … Continue reading

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Offshore Companies, A Home Secretary And Some Leaked Documents

Documents have been leaked to the press that show that Amber Rude used to be a director of an offshore company. In fact, not only do they show she was a director of Advanced Asset Allocation Fund but ALSO of … Continue reading

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Prof. Douglas Carswell Explains To The World How It Is The Sun That Produces Our Tides

Prof. Carswell UKip (Hons) took time out of his busy schedule to explain a few scientific facts to the wider scientific committee. He put forward the hypothesis that it is the gravitational pull of the sun that caused the tides … Continue reading

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A Lesson For All Those Involved In The Food Chain

You may remember we had a rant about Sainsbury’s a couple of weeks ago. Link. They are not alone of course. Some people are working to reduce waste and, in particular, the disgraceful waste of perfectly edible food. It was … Continue reading

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Premier League Results Update And Table

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The Premier League Results

Well that’s 3 days covered. How long before they do a Friday AND a Monday? They have nearly played enough games to make a Table worth viewing but not quite yet.

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