Poor Kim Kardashian Is Robbed In A Paris Apartment

Poor Kim was confronted by a gang with a gun during a robbery where they made off with an estimated £8.7 million in jewellery. She was tied up and then locked in the bathroom – which must have been a relief.

Her ever present publicist, who seems to have gone missing when the gang struck, said that she was “badly shaken but physically unharmed”. No doubt the psychological trauma will live with her for years to come.

Social media was quick to offer words of advice and encouragement to support the self-indulgent media hungry Kim.

Rumours suggest that the gang of 5 wore ski masks and police style jackets and badges. Luckily for Kim the attack made the headlines around the world. It appears that some twitter users doubted the authenticity of the claimed robbery but talent-less James Corden, equally as media hungry, was quick to defend her.

We are assured that Corden was not motivated by the hope that he might get her onto his crap America TV publicity vehicle in the weeks ahead.

Seems the Kardashian-Kamp were quick to dispel rumours that it was all a publicity stunt or, heaven forbid, an insurance scam! It seems that it is quite usual for her to travel between hotels carrying around £8.7 million worth of jewellery without the attention of a security guard. So now we all know.


“Show Us Your Ring!!”

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