It Only Took 24 Hours To See That Tess Was Talking Out Of Her Arse

What an utter load of bollox she came out with. Did anybody believe a word of it? You’d have to be pretty damn gullible to do that. For those who were prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt that was totally dashed today.

Lancashire County Council refused permission for Cuadrilla to frack at the Preston New Road site at Little Plumpton in Lancashire.

Now Sajid Javid has ignored that and will allow Cuardrilla to do whatever they want. Javid is the shit-for-brains who knew nothing about steel and did nothing for TATA steel.

He is also required to consider a second site Roseacre Wood which was also refused by Lancashire County Council. A very strong rumour, make that a fact, is that he has already agreed to it but will delay announcing it for PR affect. Not to worry though – Lancashire is nowhere near that-there London, Maidenhead or Bromsgrove.

Make that – I’m Alright Jack!


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