‘Smaller Portions Of Fish & Chips’ – Save Us From Such Utter Nonsense!!

It hurts us to even report on this. A wholesaler has suggested that ‘The Chippie’ should offer on sale “extra small portions”. Has the world gone mad!

JJ Food Service, suppliers to over 1,000 UK chippies, claim that portions could be cut by almost a third to make them a heathier option. Who can save us from this madness?

A ‘survey’, you know, the ones that nobody you have ever known has ever been involved in, have suggested that 45% of customers want a smaller chippie portion. What an utter load of cak!

The National Federation of Fish Friers pointed out that families, who clearly have far more sense than anybody at the Federation do, knew they were getting “large portions” so were ordering with that in mind. This appears to have come as a surprise to them!

Probably best that those who think ‘they know best’  to just keep their thoughts to themselves and leave our chippies to serve what they want and customers to decide what they want to order.


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