Just How Much Of A Sleaze-Bag Is Donny Dump?

Let’s be honest – this side of the Atlantic there are only a few knobheads who like him. Increasing numbers in America have started to wonder exactly what the Dumpster is all about.

Gay rights, Tax Returns, Building Walls, Religious Prejudice and so the list goes on. What is perhaps top of this stinking list of his is his demeaning attitude towards women.

As if to reinforce this Neanderthal attitude he has a tape comes to light. Now if this were a couple of drones staggering out of the pub at 11:30 you could imagine they probably don’t know any better. Remember he thinks he can be the president of one of the most powerful countries on the planet. He will be required to negotiate with heads of state from around the world. Some of those are women.

You’ll have to work hard to convince us that if he did they wouldn’t already be thinking, “What a sleaze-bag. He’s getting bugger all by way of a deal.”

Somebody needs to take a can of Veet to that ridiculous ‘thing’ on top of his head asap.


The video attached here is pretty cheap. The language is coarse. It is sexist twaddle from somebody you would think ought to know better. Clearly, he doesn’t. Coming inside less than a week from the updated documentary by Louis Theroux on Jimmy Sa-Vile it is difficult not to notice some unpleasant similarities.


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