BBC Presenters: Oh Dear, How Sad, Never Mind.

HMRC are taking a look at over 100 BBC presenters to see if they paid too little tax. They appear to have claimed they were working as freelancers although, to the untrained eye, it was pretty obvious they were BBC staff.

A tribunal ruling in a case involving BBC News presenters Tim Willcox and Joanna Gosling revealed that HMRC has opened enquiries into 100 other on-air stars. It centres on whether they were eligible to be taxed as freelancers or if they should have been treated as employees of the BBC.

The pair have appealed against the extra tax and National Insurance contributions which HMRC decided they should pay.

This doesn’t seem like the end of it though. The BBC issued a statement that said it was “an industry-wide issue and affects those who have been engaged in this way for a number of different organisations”.


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