Child Abuse Judge Who Ran Away Is STILL Costing Us A Fortune!

Unbelievable that somebody can just run away from their important, well paid job, yet is still ‘entitled’ to a £90,000 Golden Goodbye. She wasn’t sacked and demanding compensation, oh no, she ran away back to New Zealand and we cough-up £90,000 – on top of all she was paid anyway – for her to take home with her.

She was only in the job for 18 months and there is some dispute as to how much of that time was actually spent on the Inquiry. Amber Rude has agreed to a payment in total of £700,000 for the 18 months in which time they have not heard any evidence from anybody!

The entire package offered to the Judge from New Zealand, Lowell Goddard, by Theresa May when she was Home Secretary, had been earning a salary of £360,000, plus £110,000 for an apartment in Kensington, another £12,000 to cover bills, and a Government car and driver.

Compare that with the way Andrew Lavery of the victims’ group White Flowers Alba, was treated. He told The Times the ‘galling’ news came on the day the inquiry had invited him to attend a meeting in London but refused even to discuss meeting his travel expenses.

It leaves the members of the White Flowers victims’ group with the distinct impression that for those in the establishment it has been one long gravy train while they have been ignored. They also wonder how somebody who just ran back to New Zealand, without a word by way of explanation, would actually have the bloody cheek to accept the additional pay-off in the first place.

You can’t help but think that the whole thing has been designed to delay everything as much as possible until all the establishment names that get mentioned have died. Surely not?


She’s Got Some Neck On Her

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