Is This The Next Stage Of The Privatisation Of Our NHS?

Seems a letter from a senior official in the NHS has explained to GPs that vulnerable practices will be allowed to fail and then be closed. You can’t help but think that their definition of ‘vulnerable’ is pretty damn easy to engineer if you wanted to.

A practice can be labelled ‘vulnerable’ due to:
* a reduction in resources (cut the funding)
* a rising workload (claim a 5 day service can be made into 7)
* recruitment problems (refuse to negotiate any pay deal)
* understaffing (send all foreigners back)

This comes in the light of a report that shows that a special fund set up to help surgeries, trumpeted by The Hunt, has yet to be handed out over a year after he was mouthing on about it! This was still the case up to the end of last week!

This all looks very suspicious. They were told that the data was being collected in order to identify those in most need of the extra funding. It now appears it will be used to identify those who will be allowed to fail and then closed.

All this comes at a very heavy cost to us users of the NHS. Last month, in Nottingham alone, 2,000 patients were left without a GP and told to look elsewhere!

You’d have to be pretty stupid to believe the Tory tosh about ‘The NHS Is Safe In Our Hands’. Our fat arses it is!!!


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