Campaign To Send Lying Politicians To Gaol – BRILLIANT!!!

Marcus Ball has started a campaign designed to take politicians to court and held accountable for lying. For legal reasons it will be referred to as ‘dishonest claims’ but we all know it’s their out and lies.

It is currently design to bring to court the lying bastards who made totally unrealistic claims about the ‘advantages’ of a vote for Brexit. At TheField we are hoping it is successful and quickly applied to every lying words the scumbags utter.

Marcus told us members of the Press, “We need to end this bizarre relationship we have with politicians, they are not untouchable. They are not above the law.”

What he is hoping is that he is able to “set a legal precedent in the common law that prevents political leaders from lying to the public in the future. We also want to challenge the legitimacy of Brexit by legally establishing that it resulted from criminal wrongdoing on both sides.”

It is not difficult to recall that load of bolloxs they kept repeating to pledge that £350 million a week given to the EU could be redirected to the NHS. The pledge had infamously been projected onto buses in the build-up to the referendum. Hours after the referendum result, Ukip leader Nigel Farage said the pledge was “a mistake” and denied making it.

The unlikely champion of the people said: “When politicians lie, democracy dies. Your vote means nothing if you can’t trust the leader you are voting for. We need to show politicians of this country what’s acceptable and what’s not…I can’t decide what happens to them, but if I could… prison.”

Too right Marcussling the scumbags in gaol!!


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