El Presidente May Doesn’t Need Any Consent From Our MPs To Sell Us All Down The River

Our Glorious New Leader, El Presidente Tess May, didn’t need the people to vote for her to become our new leader. All she needed was the approval of just 199 Toady Tory cronies to take over full control.

While a believer in democracy would look for a confirmation from the people to secure her new mandate, Tess is not one of those. Obsessed with power, even beyond that of Thatcher {spit – ‘ting!’}, she ignores all of those around her.

We’ll see if it secures him a trinket or two later but she has got Attorney General Jeremy Wright to say it was a “proper and well established” principle that governments use the royal prerogative in such cases.

Jezza Wright came out with a real ‘killer’ line: he claimed Article 50 was available “to give effect to the will of the people”, as expressed in June’s referendum, in which a majority of voters backed Brexit.

Yeah, right, like they can read what was in the minds of the 34 million odd people who voted. What utter bollox.

So El Presidente gets further and further out of her depth but refuses to listen to the views of anybody else. When it looks like a dictator, acts like a dictator . .. … …. …..


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