Tess Accused Of Cover-Up Over Her Incompetence Concerning The Child Abuse Inquiry Fiasco

The riders are gathering ready to swoop down on Tess May as facts are finally revealed about what she knew and the Lowell Goddard Farce. She was forced to admit, at PMQs, that she had heard “stories around” Goddard but felt she couldn’t act on a rumour. The doublespeak from her just gets worse.

Goddard did a runner from the Inquiry with her pockets jangling with silver and gold. First up the press office {for that read propaganda department} claimed Tess only knew about concerns in late July. It was subsequently revealed that the Home Office {where Tess was pretending to do a job at the time} knew all about it months earlier.

With the brown sticky stuff starting to hit the fan No 10 officials were reluctantly forced to concede that she actually became aware of these concerns many weeks before the end of July. Oh bugger!

As identified by Lisa Nandy MP, “For far too many child abuse survivors, cover-ups, secrecy, institutions that act in denial will be far too familiar and I’m not the first person to say that this feels like a cover-up.”

She went on by adding, “She {Tess} set up the inquiry, she appointed the chair and she was the individual responsible for the inquiry’s success. {or failure} She was the Home Secretary in April and she was the only person who had the power to act.”

The new chair of the inquiry, Alexis Jay, pointed out what everyone who was taking it seriously noted that, “it was clear from the beginning that Lowell Goddard really would have preferred to sit on her own without the assistance of a panel.”

Another panel member, Ivor Frank, told the same hearing that the inquiry’s work was easier when Lowell Goddard was out of the country; which happened extremely frequently as we reported here – LINK.


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