The Educational Secretary Finally Takes Notice Of People Who Actually Know What They Doing

It is always difficult for a clueless politician to admit they know bugger-all about a subject. Gollum Gove was certainly so pig-ignorant he imagined he knew more than the professionals. Nicky Cak-For-Brains Morgan wasn’t a lot better.

It has to be said that at TheField we have never been impressed with Justine Greening – a bit of a lite-weight {to be kind}. She has impressed us here though.

The ‘Plan’ was that any child who failed their tests at the end of their First School education would carry that badge up to their new Secondary School where they would have to re-sit the same exams. Many pointed out that this wasn’t a lot different from labelling some children as Grammar School pupils and sending them to one school while the dross went somewhere else.

Anybody who claims this feeling of failure didn’t weigh heavily of the pupils at the Secondary Modern is telling porkies and probably wasn’t around at the time.

Greening has scrapped this absurd idea. She has also realised that it would help everyone if she also assured teachers no new tests would be introduced before 2018.

She has also agreed that spelling and grammar tests for 7-year-olds will remain non-compulsory for schools next year.

All we can do is hope that this new level of enlightenment extends to include the plans for forcing Grammar Schools on the country thereby sending us back to the 1960’s.


Let Us Hope This Old Tosh Has Been Dropped As Well

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