The 1% Get Their Own Way With A New Private Runway At Heathrow

What a relief for the 1%ers! They won’t have to hang around waiting for a flight home in order to reduce their taxes in the UK. This decision must have saved them millions.

All those high-powered meetings that could all be done by video conferencing can now go ahead because ‘Face-2-Face’ is so much better. It also means they can run up a tax-deductible expenses bill! So handy.

You can bet there will be all manner of figures and bullshit thrown around confirming how good, or bad, this decision is so we’ve come up with a simple check –

Where will the flights in and out of the new runway be going to and coming from?

If the runway is really to benefit the UK then the majority with go to and from:

London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Manchester, London Stansted, London Luton, Edinburgh, Birmingham International, Glasgow International, Bristol International, Liverpool John Lennon, Newcastle, Belfast International, East Midlands, Aberdeen Dyce, London City, Leeds Bradford, George Best Belfast City, Southampton, Jersey and Glasgow Prestwick.

What makes us think it is far more likely they will simply go to New York, Moscow, Tuscany, Monaco, Qatar, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney? It’s only the 1%, who live nowhere near the flight path, who want the bloody thing!


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