How Dreadful! Donny Dump’s Star On Hollywood Is Destroyed!

Hard to believe but somebody has taken a sledgehammer to the star of Donny Dump on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and smashed it into a million pieces! Why? Why would somebody do such a thing?

A man claimed he wanted to auction the star off so as to raise funds for all the women who have accused The Dump of being a nasty little perv.

It’s not the first time the talent-less chancer has received unwelcome attention. The star has been surrounded by a wall in the past to rip the piss out of him over his ridiculous idea of building a wall between America and Mexico.

You Tube also had clips of people pissing on it as well as painting all over it. Fortunately it seems that the star is likely to be replaced so there will still be an opportunity to heap even more scorn on the absurd figure that is Donny Dump.


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