Brexit – It Would Be Funny If It Wasn’t So Tragic

The great rallying cry from the Brexit camp was always “Let’s Take Back Control”. What is becoming clear is that the ‘who is taking control’ is very different between the brexiteers and the voters. It seems the High and Mighty saw the ‘Control’ being THEM and for the political elite, selected by themselves, to tell the mere plebs what was happening.

It seems any thought that ‘Control’ meant that ‘The People’ would have more of a say of what was going on in the country was misguided. Oh no, if our unelected Prime Minister, selected by just 199 tory MPs, decided on something then that should be good enough. Sounds a lot like a Dictatorship rather than a Democracy.

So it is hardly any wonder that the likes of the two-faced IDS, Johnson, the fop JRM along with other undemocratic MPs were not happy when judges decided that the Mother of all Parliaments should be involved in the process of negotiating the severing of ties with the EU.

Given their reaction to what they term Remoaners it’s kind of strange they THEY do not accept the decision of the Law of the land. You have to laugh at their total hypocrisy.


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