Liz ‘Brains’ Truss Asks – “Are Judges Anything Do With Me? Who Knew?”

Poor old Lizzy gets very confused. She didn’t really understand about cheese and knew even less about pork farmers. The floods and flood barriers were a totally mystery to her so she got moved to the post of Justice Secretary. We can only assume that her total lack of any training in the Law {she did the usual tory route of PPE at Oxfordworthless in the real world} would make her the ideal person to take over from Gollum Gove – who was sacked.

It has become obvious that she has no idea that this covers the courts and the judges involved in the courts. However, when three judges upheld the right of the representatives of the people to be involved in decisions taking control of the nation, she remained silent. Even when the right-wing, dictator wishing press attacked them she said nothing. What a dumb arse.

It was left to the Shadow Justice Minister to do Lizzy’s job.

Respecting the EU Referendum result is the right and democratic thing to do. Strong views were expressed by both sides. Judges in the High Court are there to interpret the law regardless of their personal views and that it what they have done,

There is a constitutional process which must be followed. Some of the headlines in today’s newspapers personally attacking the judges who heard this case are unacceptable.

As Lord Chancellor, Liz Truss should not stay silent. It is the Lord Chancellor’s job to uphold the independence of British judges and she must speak out urgently against the hysterical headlines of some papers and these attacks on British justice.”

Tim ‘Who?’ Farron joined in and asked,

Where is Liz Truss? Her job is to uphold the rule of law and defend the judiciary and yet, she is utterly silent while judges are being attacked by some newspapers,”

Our hard fought rights and freedoms are protected by the law, British law that the Brexiteers claim that they wish to uphold. My message to Liz Truss is clear: this is a disgrace. Condemn it now.”

Lizzy Truss has remained silent throughout all of this. She’s probably still worried about all that cheese.


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