What The Three Judges Really Did – For The Hard Of Thinking

Now if you are a regular ‘reader’ of The Wail, The Ex-Press or The Scum { or WES for short} then this is probably already over your head. Stick with us though and we’ll do our best to explain what happened.

It has to be said that here at TheField Tower we have been dumbfounded by the utter codswallop that has been spoken and written about the three judge’s ruling. We can accept that some of the scribblers might not understand it but some of them have deliberately come out with bullshit designed to generate unwarranted uproar.

We will try to be as accurate as possible while at the same time making it as simple as possible for those who don’t follow politics and politicians on a daily basis.

First up, and most important, is that the ruling is NOT, repeat, NOT about blocking Brexit. We’ll say that again; it is NOT about blocking Brexit.

What it is about is giving control back to the people, the voters. It is about protecting the people so as money grabbing politicians cannot simply line their own pockets while the rest of us get sold a pup in the negotiations involved in leaving the EU.

It means that any deal that is struck must be scrutinised by the elected representatives of the people so that, say, three out and out total chancers cannot fill their own boots while leaving the rest of us out in the shitehouse.

The three judges protected us, the people, from any power-hungry self-appointed political elite doing just whatsoever they want because they imagine they are the only ones who know what is best for the rest of us.

Just for a moment ask yourselves which of these three chancers would you trust with your life savings? We ask that because the likes of WES are telling you to trust a darn sight more than just your savings. They want you to trust them with EVERYBODY’S savings along with all those who come along behind you. These three chancers? Really?

Maybe if these three judges had been around in Europe in the mid 1930’s the world might have been a very different place.


Yes, They Are To Be Trusted – As IF!!!

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