How Do You Get A £1,000 A Month Pay-Rise? Become An MEP!

That can’t be right – yet it is. Those hard working members of the European Parliament are paid €8,213 a month which comes in at €98,556 a year.

Now before the referendum, and the bankers all cashed in, this came in, with real money, as £6,317 a month. Very nice too! Guess what – the fall of the pound has increased that by £990 a month to a very ‘liveable wage’ of £7,307 a month. Thank you very much!

Just remember this when the likes of: Roger Helmer, Patrick O’Flynn, Tim Aker, Paul Nuttall, Louise Bours, David Coburn, Nigel Fromage, Diane James and Raymond Finch tell you how great Brexit is. Now you can see why.

They are just some of the UKip members who have fought to leave the EU. It hasn’t stopped them cashing in at every chance they have however. We guess that having made that NHS promise during the Brexit campaign they will all be donating their extra £990 a month to our NHS. Yeah, right!


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