Lowell ‘Grab And Dash’ Goddard Refuses To Appear Before A Commons Committee

If you don’t know who Lowell ‘cut and run’ Goddard is then catch up HERE.

She is refusing to appear in person before a parliamentary committee to explain her sudden departure from her role as head of the Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

Given the huge amount of money she has been given by the tax payer here since her appointment on extremely favourable terms by Tess it’s it bit rich that she refuses to explain herself in person.

She claims there have been ‘malicious defamatory attacks’ made on her but it seems that was only spoken about over the phone while she is spending taxpayer’s money back in New Zealand. Now bear in mind that Tess provided Goddard with tickets to fly home while she was here but now she refuses to fly back.

Also remember that she was payed/handed an additional £90,000 ‘Golden Goodbye’ which the original deal ‘entitled’ her to. You couldn’t make it up.

Best we can do is stop any payments still outstanding asap and tell her the cash is available to collect at the end of meeting.


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