Ukip {Temp} Leader Is First To Meet Donny Dump

Nigel ‘Gis A Job’ Fromage flew to American and waited outside Trumping Tower for a chance to see Donny. He is desperate to be the ‘go between’ for Donny and Tess. Unfortunately for The Fromage old Tess has said that there will be no gooseberries in this relationship.

Seems Donny wants to cosy up to Tess in the same way that the reptiles Ronnie and Maggie slithered together. {Oh, the thought of it!!} Poor old Philip ‘Playmates’ May might get worried!

All this did rather shoot The Fromage out of the water given he had already given a TV interview claiming he could “mend some fences”. Seems he had also aired the idea that he might serve as intermediary to try and improve relations with the new US leader.

He probably didn’t do much to gain support from No.10 when he started telling the world that Tess should stop running Donny down and that she should get closer to him and “put the national interest first”. Just hold the gun there Nigel and put your foot in line with it!!

A Downing Street insider let it slip that, “Nigel Fromage is just trying to get attention. This is an ego trip – not a diplomatic one.” Ouch!

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