Chief Reporter Admits He Is ‘The Creator Of Fake News’ Shocker!

We here at TheField are staggered to discover that there are some people using the Interweb to spread fake news. At first we automatically assumed that The Wail, The Scum and The Ex-Press had finally been uncovered but it seems it was another publication.

As if the lying three are not already enough it seems the Southend News Network has been making up stories and then publishing them on Facebook. How could anybody do such a thing? Not something here at TheField we would ever condone.

All the Chief Reporter would say in his defence was that it was “a bit of a joke”. Pretty poor taste if you ask us! Even more shocking was to discover that he is prepared to take true stories to the extreme and simply make up stories on whatever were the hot topics of the day.

It seems his spoof site, unlike others like the Daily Mash and News Thump, deliberately sounds like it could be a genuine news service. He was also quick to make the connection that we made and pointed out that so-called ‘real’ newspapers, “print actual news stories but put such ridiculous spin on them that they border over into fake news.”

The Chief Reporter did admit that few things are more satisfying than when a fake story really flies. We can empathise with that view because one of our photoons about a current member of the cabinet is still going around the Interweb with some people wondering where the quote actually came from!! As we recall is that it came from Stella – we always blame her! {If people read the About they will find it is all there!} LINK


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